Vigilant, Clogged Blood Vessels Create Stroke Lightweight

STROKE light experienced by former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher refers to the stroke of small consequence and effect thereafter. A mild stroke this could be a sign that a certain part of the body that have been damaged stroke.
In medical language, mild stroke often referred to as transient ischemic attack, or TIA, also called mini-strokes. The TIA does not cause permanent damage to the brain, such as the condition of severe stroke, as reported by Livestrong.
Stroke is usually caused by the hardening and narrowing aterosklerosism arteries due to plaque in the artery walls. Plaque is made up of fat, components of blood cholesterol, calcium and other. Over time, the arteries become narrower and less flexible. When atherosclerosis affects the blood vessels that carry blood to the brain there is a risk for stroke.
Or cholesterol plaque can rupture in the artery wall that can potentially slow or stop the blood supply to part of the brain. A mild stroke this will pause the oxygen to the brain. In ischemic stroke, for example, or clogged blood supply stops and the result of brain damage can occur.

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