What Men Want in a Woman Physically

In general, most people, particularly women, think that men like the petite frame with a pretty face. This may or may not be true depending on the preferences of a particular man. It should be noted, that although there isn’t a consensus about the type of women men desire on a physical level, there are some common characteristics that are highly desirable amongst men when considering a woman physically.
In general, no matter the shape or size or the height of a woman, good hygiene is very significant and important. What men want are women that are able to take care of themselves. This means that a woman takes time to pay attention to her physical appearance. This means proper grooming and looking presentable. While the type of clothing that a woman wears can vary, men do enjoy women who embrace their femininity through their clothing. Femininity varies amongst women so the clothing that would make one women feel sexy and alive may not be the same for another woman. In general, women should dress for themselves and the confidence that they feel will speak for itself and be attractive to men.
Likewise, there is a common belief that most men like woman who have a slender frame. While this may be true for some men, it is not the case for all. In general, men like women that are healthy and fit. Healthy bodies come in many different shapes, sizes and forms. Thus, it is possible for women not to be a size two and still be healthy and physically attractive to men. It should be understood that while the supermodel ideal is very evident this is not necessarily want man want from women on a physical level. There are plenty of men that understand that a supermodel look is not realistic for the average woman. Likewise, there are some men that do prefer for their women to be more curvaceous. Thus, the types of physical attributes men like in their women vary greatly.
What man want is a woman who carries herself in a manner that adds to her physical appeal. There is more to a woman’s physical attractiveness than her body. Many men are aware of this. Thus, there are a variety of different factors that add to the physical attractiveness of a woman in the eyes of man. For example, men notice a variety of things about a woman’s physical attributes which can make her very attractive. Everything from the way her hair is styled to the scent of her perfume can add to a woman’s attractiveness and affects the way in which a man perceives a woman.
Overall, in many ways a man is looking for the total package when considering a woman from a physical standpoint. The attractiveness of a woman to man is a lot deeper than the size and shape of her body. There are a number of other elements that make a woman physically attractive to a man.