Why Women Easy Fat?

If you notice, obese women are more likely than men. Yes, weight gain faster women.
However, why is that so?
Pregnancy. The recommended weight gain during pregnancy is about 10-15 kg. However, many women are unable to lose weight after delivery. Especially on a diet after giving birth is not allowed because it will affect the quality of milk.
Easy emotion. Many women who claim to vent their emotions on a diet. While we were happy, angry, or sad, sweet foods will be the antidote.
Lazy motion. Women are also the most lazy to exercise. For women, exercise make up and even damage their appearance. So no wonder if the female body easily stretched laterally.
Genes. A woman’s body will naturally store more fat than men. According to Michele Olson, PhD, Professor at Auburn University Montgomery, men have more metabolically active mass in the body. The men were more likely to have a lot of muscle, heart and kidney size larger, and the amount of fat that is proportional to the total weight.
Each 1 pound of muscle can burn 6 calories. The heart and kidneys are the body of consumers, each of which requires at least 100 calories per day. And, of fat only burns 2 calories per ponnya.